Casa Nativa was first envisioned by two brothers who share a passion for traveling. They have always preferred traveling ‘low to the ground’, finding reasons to cross paths with other cultures and peoples. On a certain day in their recent past, while sitting poolside at some hostel somewhere, one brother turned his head towards the other, and recklessly suggested, ‘Why don’t we open a hostel?’

Thus the dream was born..

Our staff are veterans of hostel hopping themselves, and we are all determined to give our guests something to make them say ‘Wow!’. Our murals are awesome (I know, we are bragging, but you really have to see them in person to understand.) and our location is just about perfect. It took a long time to find our hostel home, but we knew what we were looking for, and we found it.

Come join us for a night, a week or more. Rosie, our bull mastiff, will greet you each morning with a smile, a drool, and a request for a scratch!


Ave. Morgan, 2468, Ancón,
Panama City, Panama

Phone: +507 387 0181