The staff at Casa Nativa is building a growing list of guest-recommended and staff-recommended events, trips and tours. There is a lot to do in Panama City. There are a lot of hidden jewels, and we can help you find them.

  •  The Panama Canal, of course. We know the bus number. We know the current cost.
  •  Wanna go through the Canal on a private sailboat ? For free? We can sometimes arrange for this.
  •  Wanna day trip along the Canal on a train, all the way to Colon? Ask us.
  •  The Metropolitan Natural Park, teeming with native wildlife. A great place to slow down and feel a bit primordial. It’s a jungle out there.
  •  Historic Casco Viejo (enough world-class restaurants, bars and historic buildings to keep you busy for a while).
  •  Bird’s eye view? The top of Mt. Ancon is a 45 minute walk from Casa Nativa. Look down on the ocean, Canal, and the city.
  •  The best Italian restaurant outside of Italy. I only said ‘outside of Italy’ because no one would believe me if I were honest and said ‘better than Italy’.
  •  Cool micro-brewery with pizza. Fans of IPAs will feel they have finally come home.
  •  Canal-side restaurant – outdoor, cheap and sufficiently hidden to keep the teeming hoards of tourists at bay. Each beer comes with free views of ships coming and going.
  •  A day trip to a small island, with 4 quaint restaurants, one great beach and lots of hiking trails. No vehicles allowed. The ferry ride is cheap and so is the food. The sand in your bathing suit, exactly where you don’t want it, is free.
  •  Fish markets, where the locals go to sit and eat and meet and greet. Shady outdoor restaurants, competing for your business.


And more and more and more….


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